Forgotten Places: Regained Castle

Jane receives a letter from her guardian, Sir Charles Willmore, who lives in an ancient ancestral castle. Upon opening the envelope, she finds an empty sheet inside on which the message "You're next!" magically appears. Jane hurriedly gathers her belongings and heads to Sir Charles to ask for an explanation. However, she doesn't yet know that she's hurrying straight into the trap prepared for her...
  • Hidden Objects Unravel the secrets of an ancient castle in amazing 15 Hidden Object scenes.
  • Interactive Environment Visit 54 unique game scenes on your way to solving the quest. Uncover the secrets of the castle by exploring over 42 locations.
  • Mini-games Challenge yourself in 21 mini-games and 14 puzzles. Your achievements will be rewarded with prizes, bonuses and pleasant surprises.



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Wardfire, Юлия Волкова.

Regained Castle

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