Forgotten Places: Lost Circus

Obsessed by dreams of a mysterious circus, Joy awakens each night with tears and the dreadful feeling that her waking life is the real nightmare. Why are these recurring visions troubling her and why does she sense such a strong connection to a place that she has never been before? Could it be that the circus is real?
Follow Joy as she discovers the real-life source of her nightmares. Search for clues to help spark Joy's memories of a forgotten past. Solve puzzles, play curious mini-games, and collect peculiar items in an eerie quest for answers.
  • Hidden Objects Reveal the meaning behind strange dreams in this eerie Hidden Object encounter.
  • Interactive Environment Wander the ruins of an abandoned circus on a dark and stormy night. Search for clues to reveal signs and spark memories of a forgotten past.
  • Mini-games Solve puzzles, play curious mini-games, and collect peculiar items. Enjoy Casual or Expert mode while also playing a bonus side quest.



The game is available at GameHouse for PC and Mac.


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Forgotten Places - Lost Circus for Mobile Devices

Port for iOS and Android, which includes all features from original game for PC/Mac.

Mobile Development Showcase


Download on the App Store Available on the Amazon AppStore Android App : Lost Circus Download on the Mac App Store Available on Steam


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01. Main Theme
02. Intro Theme
03. Dark Circus Theme 1
04. Light Circus Theme 1
05. Dark Circus Theme 2
06. Light Circus Theme 2
07. Dark Circus Theme 3
08. Light Circus Theme 3
09. Dark Circus Theme 4
10. Light Circus Theme 4
11. Dark Circus Theme 5
12. Light Circus Theme 5
13. Dark Circus Theme 6
14. Light Circus Theme 6
15. Outro Theme

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